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The 11 th house may thus reveal the nature of your longer range life objectives, and your ability to realize them. We become gradually more and more empowered in wielding the faculties or energies associated with planets in our 11 th house, since they represent the person we want to become, or the things we wish to grow and cultivate in ourselves and our life experience in the future. Two of them, the 3 rd and 7 th , contain their own lords, while the 11 th lord, Sun, is exalted in an angular house, with a powerful dispositor.

Something, loosely, like a trine. It therefore blesses the entire triplicity it occupies. Hitler had no deficiency of Kama.

"Karma", "Dharma" and Astrology

The notorious magician who not only had countless affairs and sexual intrigues with people of both sexes. He practised sex magic with zeal, hiring prostitutes for the purpose if he was not able to seduce suitable candidates. Here Mars and Saturn are located in the 7 th , and both are very strong by sign.

Saturn is lord of the 7 th in the 7 th , so that in itself somewhat protects and empowers it, which means he could fulfil much 7 th house Kama.

Karma, Dharma and Jyotisha

However, Jyotish associates both Mars and Saturn in the 7 th , each on their own, as potentially indicative of sexual excess and impropriety, which by all accounts, he achieved. His Sun in the 3 rd house contributed to his high energy level and enthusiasm, his theatrical interests and abilities, as well as his curiosity and courage.

It is associated with the destination of the soul after death, and generally the hidden world beyond the physical plane, and our relationship to it. Even on a more everyday level, the realm of Moksha, as described in our natal charts, deals with some of the most elusive and intangible inner experiences we can have. We rarely fully understand them or possess the faculties and resources to clearly see their workings.

Symbolically at least, the Sun finds itself in the 4 th house at midnight, when all are asleep in the shelter of their homes, in that mini-death that follows and precedes every day of outer waking activity. It is in this daily womb experience that we are restored, rebuilt, and prepared for our daytime reincarnation. At a stretch, poetically, we could possibly say the 4 th house represents a primal cosmic umbilical chord, stretching right up to the great Cosmic Mother. We emerge life after life, and day after day, from this mysterious hidden source.

The 8 th house is persistently associated with death, even though in both the Western and Vedic traditions there are references to the 7 th house being the house of death. It is certainly true that the 8 th house has a fateful and calamitous quality. It is also a place that is more distinctly associated with the world of departed souls, and our own awareness of such perplexing mysteries as our own mortality.

The deepest, darkest recesses of the psyche, and the very secrets of the universe, are bound up in the 8 th house, and it takes the likes of psychologists, shamans, astrologers and occultists, to penetrate through the veils. A wisdom leading naturally to a deeper trust and reliance on those things that are most real but least visible, in the world of appearances. The 12 th house is, not unlike the 8 th house, one of loss, limitation and bondage, as far as outer appearances go.

We here have to surrender to forces and laws of the cosmos far beyond our grasp and control. The ultimate experience of Moksha is this transcendental bliss.

Dharma Karmadhipati yoga

It is written that the 12 th house, in particular, shows the destination of the soul after death. Who can evaluate the accuracy of this?

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Dharma , Artha and Kama , or at least our cycle of incarnated experience of them and possible attachment to them, must ultimately be dissolved in the ocean of Moksha , until the worlds once more are bridged, and preparation for a new cycle begins. Parahamahansa Yogananda, founder of the Self-Realization Fellowship, and author of the spiritual classic, Autobiography of Yogi , has a Leo Ascendant in his Jyotish chart, with Moon, lord of the 12 th house located in the 1 st house. Venus is in the 4 th house, while Mars and Jupiter both occupy the 8 th house in the sign Pisces.

This 8 th house of his is especially strong since Jupiter is a benefic, and lord of the 8 th in the 8 th. Moreover, Mars is Raja Yoga Karaka , or a powerful temporary benefic for the Leo Ascendant, and so is capable of yielding beneficial results in the realm of its house location. His famous book has proved to have perennial appeal, and still fans the flames of aspiration in the hearts of spiritual seekers across the globe.

He died after a long and fruitful life as a spiritual teacher. His corpse was unusual in that it did not decay at anything like the usual rate. This state of perfect preservation of a body is, so far as we know from mortuary annals, an unparalleled one …. He was imprisoned on many occasions, and embraced these times of relative quiet and seclusion to work on correspondence, or for reflection.

Mars, for example, is for everyone the Karaka or significator for the 3 rd and 6 th houses. Mars does not have to be associated with these houses by occupancy or rulership to have this status, but the condition of Mars will have an impact or bearing on the ability of these houses to flourish. An article on another choice morsel of Jyotish method, for another day.

Astrology can be just that for us; a map to guide us on this often beguiling journey through life. Understanding the Four Aims of Life in the context of the houses of the horoscope helps us orientate in each of these important aspects of living.

Thanks you for this read, Richard. A question. Another shadow integration tool is the 12th house.

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Whatever is located there is usually an unconscious resource, currently disowned and waiting to become a resource in service to the cosmos. When we mature into owning these qualities as part of ourselves, the challenges become strengths we become known for. Without realizing it, most of us as Westerners are already familiar with most of the astrological archetypes.

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Most of us know, or catch on quickly, that Venus is about love, Aquarius is about community and utopian ideals, and Mars is about masculinity and assertiveness. Being based in our cultural paradigm makes astrology very accessible for Westerners. Since time and energy can be in short supply, for some of us it makes sense to pick low-hanging fruit to advance our spiritual practices. Putting astrology and Buddhadharma together has been a fascinating experiment for us. Astrology is a very effective tool to study this me, in order to transcend it.

Our natal astrological charts or horoscopes show what the planets were doing in the sky at our moment of birth. They are a highly personalized map of how to get to transcendence or universal consciousness from wherever we happen to be at the moment, and what we can expect along the way. Doug and Catherine offer a s elf-study online course on astrology and dharma: Intro to AstroDharma. They also teach courses and retreats on dharma and astrology throughout the year.

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Dharma and Karma in Astrology – Emerald Astrology

View More…. What will I get from learning about AstroDharma? Search Our Content: Search for:. Fri It shows the birth of a king and though we live in a democracy now but the love of Britishers for their Royal family is still on. The final result of any horoscope should be by holistic approach especially Dasha pattern and affliction should be observed, otherwise, I have seen many yogas including DKPY in horoscopes of normal people where position and power is nil.

Also strength both ashtakvarga and Shadbala should be given importance to lord of 9th house and 10th house, especially ashtakvarga strength of planets. I guess these examples are enough to make you understand the power of Dharma Karmadhipati yoga but still, I will be adding more charts to it in future.

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